Acceptance is a compilation of some of the compositions I wrote and produced while studying Orchestration for Film and TV. The title "Acceptance" represents primarily my acceptance of God's gift and His will for my life, and my giving my best into making this talent He gave me grow continually. It also represents this time of my life in which I am being accepted into some of the best colleges in the world to keep studying and working on this kind of music to which I feel so passionate about. And while preparing to move overseas with my family for this new phase of my life I decided to publish this album so that my beloved friends, brothers and relatives that have always cheered for me so much can have access to (and support) my music. If you want to help me make this dream come true, well... you know what to do! ; )

Josani Pimenta e Trio Matiz


In the fall of 2014 I started working on a couple of awesome projects that lasted until right before I moved to Los Angeles in 2015.  I was invited by the amazing singer Josani Pimenta to produce her debut album in which she wanted to make an homenage to the Christian group "Vencedores por Cristo". It was a true honor to revisit these great songs and bring them back with fresh arrangements and amazing renditions by Josani. At the same time, my dearest friends Eloá Gonçalves, Fábio Augustinis and myself were awarded with FICC and PROAC grants from the city of Campinas and the State of São Paulo to record our first album with our Trio Matiz. An album with all original compositions by Eloá and myself, and both albums are availabe at all the major digital stores like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

Josani Pimenta

Trio Matiz

© 2015 Alex Heinrich

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